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About Starkey hearing aids

Starkey are dedicated to delivering the best hearing experience possible and their motto is ‘Hear better, live better.’ Starkey believe being able to hear the people and world around us is as essential to the human experience as breathing. As a world leader in the manufacturing and delivering of advanced hearing solutions, they advocate that hearing is key to our health and happiness.

Starkey has helped millions of people with the technology it has developed, including the world’s first in the canal hearing aid and the first custom, digital and fully programmable invisible hearing aid. In 2010, Starkey launched wireless hearing aids which mean users can stream stereo sound from their TV or music system directly into their hearing aids.

We stock a wide range of Starkey hearing aids, including the Genesis AI, receiver in the ear models, custom aids and rechargeable hearing aids.

Watch an introduction to Starkey Genesis AI hearing aids

“Starkey Genesis AI is so smart, it thinks like you do! Starkey Genesis AI was designed to help wearers distinguish words and speech more intuitively and naturally, hear soft sounds without distracting noise, and reduce the effort it takes to listen and hear.”

Genesis AI delivers unparalleled clarity

Experience the pinnacle of hearing innovation with Genesis AI Hearing Aids from Starkey. Elevate your auditory experience with a revolutionary leap in technology that transcends the ordinary.

Intelligent like never before. Genesis AI hearing aids aren’t just smart; they’re brilliant. Engineered to mirror the intricacies of our cerebral cortex, they address hearing loss at its core. By processing sounds in a manner akin to a “normal” auditory system, these advanced aids seamlessly fill in the gaps created by years of hearing challenges.

Boasting the industry’s most advanced technology, Genesis AI hearing aids perform over 80 million adjustments per hour to adapt at the speed of thought! What’s remarkable is that they do it all automatically, without requiring any input from you. The result? Unparalleled clarity, distinctiveness, and a sound quality that feels more authentic and truer to life than ever before.

Welcome to a new era of hearing where every moment is a symphony of clarity.

5 reasons to choose Starkey Genesis AI

  • They are waterproof* and sweatproof with Pro8 HydraShield™ technology that helps ensure they can withstand sweat, dirt, dust, drops, and dunks.
  • With all day rechargeability, and the industry’s longest lasting RIC hearing aid with up to 51 hours of use from a single charge, you can be confident you won’t run out of power.
  • Styles that won’t cramp your ears – from custom in-the-ear styles to sleek behind-the-ear ones, they’re comfortable to wear all day and barely noticeable to others.
  • The Edge Mode+ uses AI to optimise sound quality on-demand for either clearer speech or improved listening comfort.
  • With fall detection, these Starkey hearing aids can detect falls and alert family or friends.

*Up to 3 feet depth. Rechargeable styles only

Genesis AI features and benefits

  1. Starkey Neuro Processor: The industry’s smallest, most powerful processor, 4X faster with 6X more transistors, employing AI and pattern recognition for enhanced adaptability in more listening situations.
  2. Starkey Neuro Sound Technology: Adjusts the hearing aid over 80 million times per hour and reduces listening effort with a new compression system inspired by the human auditory system.
  3. Binaural streaming: Directly streams calls, music, and more to both hearing aids for a true-to-life listening experience.
  4. Fall detection: The first and only fall detection and alert system in a hearing aid that notifies predetermined contacts if a wearer falls and sends their location.
  5. Personal Health Monitoring: Incorporates 3D sensors for health tracking and offers a wide range of activity classifications, including indoor biking, walking, running, and aerobics.
  6. Edge Mode+: Enhances Starkey’s Edge feature with DNN, allowing users to prioritise clearer speech or listening comfort in any situation.

Reimagine a hearing aid: Starkey Genesis AI

Genesis AI is Starkey’s newest hearing aid, completely reimagined from the inside out. It’s the only hearing healthcare system to feature an all-new processor, all-new sound, all-new design, all-new fitting software and all-new patient experience.

Crafted from meticulous research to ergonomically fit the ear, Genesis AI hearing aids have been reimagined to deliver superior sound, comfort, and durability.

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