Prison Officer Medical Aid

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Prison Officer Medical Aid

If you are a servicing or retired prison officer, or a dependant spouse, partner or child of a servicing or retired prison officer, you could be eligible for a free hearing test and a contribution to the cost of any hearing aids you might need if you are found to be suffering from hearing loss.

What you can claim

The Prison Officers Medical Aid Society pay 90% of the cost of your hearing aids, up to €500, every 5 years. This benefit is in addition to any PRSI hearing grant of up to €1,000 that you may be entitled to. To check your PRSI hearing aid grant entitlement, click here.

Free lifetime aftercare

Once you enjoy the benefits of hearing clearly again with your new hearing aids, you do not need to worry about ongoing aftercare costs. Every hearing aid we provide comes complete with comprehensive, free aftercare for the lifetime of your hearing aid. This includes follow-up appointments, servicing and hearing health check ups.

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