Digital hearing aids

With Bluetooth to pair to your devices

Advanced hearing aid technology

The digital age has brought huge advances in technology in so many aspects of our lives, and hearing is no different. Digital development has resulted in superior, bluetooth hearing aids being easily available that:

  • Produce a richer, more natural sound.
  • Have more functionality to sync with other devices that make your life easier and more enjoyable, like your phone, TV and computer.
  • Are easier to use.
  • Are smaller and more discreet.
  • Can be programmed and maintained remotely.
  • Can be easily adjusted to suit any change in hearing loss.
  • Are more reliable and last for longer.
  • Are rechargeable and don’t need batteries.

How digital and Bluetooth hearing aids work

Each hearing aid has at least one microphone, an amplifier, a receiver and a hearing aid battery (which is either replaced or rechargeable). In digital hearing aids, the amplifier acts as a computerised brain. It processes speech and audio picked up by the microphone and sends it to the receiver and into your ears, rather than simply making sounds louder like the traditional analogue hearing aids. A digital hearing aid amplifier instead, acts smartly to bring the many sophisticated layers of natural sound to life, to suit different settings, putting you in control so you enjoy them in your own personalised, individual and comfortable way.

Digital vs Analogue hearing aids

Before the development of digital hearing aid technology, hearing aids were based on analogue technology. But what is the difference?

Analogue hearing aids Digital hearing aids
Sound signals Continuous and uniform Sophisticated layers of sound
Ability to adapt to different sound environments No – can only turn up the volume Yes – sound signals vary and are individual
Background noise reduction No Yes
Natural-sounding speech No Yes
Can be customized to suit your hearing loss No Yes
Can pair and stream sound with other devices No Yes

The benefits of digital hearing aids

  • You can customise your hearing experience to suit your hearing loss, which in turn enhances your comfort level – no more screeching in certain settings!
  • You can play with the tone and volume of the sounds you hear, so it sounds natural and feels completely right.
  • You can fully connect with your world by pairing up with other digital devices you own, like your smartphone or your entertainment system, and sound will reach your ears without anyone knowing what or who you’re listening to!
  • Digital hearing aids are discreet and usually small so they blend in when you wear them, and are virtually invisible in use!

How to choose a digital/Bluetooth hearing aid

If you’re considering a digital hearing aid, it’s a good idea to book an appointment with your local Pinnacle Audiologist who will be able to advise you on the digital hearing aids that are suitable for your hearing loss. They will be able to compare and explain all the features of digital hearing aids to you and the benefits, so you can make the best choice. We offer a wide range of digital hearing aids from all the leading manufacturers and as we’re independent, you can be assured of unbiased, independent advice that best suits your hearing loss and your needs!

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